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Memo from Seattle: 13 New Builds in Emerald City

Downtown Seattle is quite literally marked by growth. Cranes clutter the skyline and diggers burrow into the ground, laying the foundation for a dramatically different cityscape on the rise. A June 2016 report by the Downtown Seattle Association counted 65 major buildings under construction in the area—the most since the organization began keeping a tally in 2005. Already the tenth densest city in U.S., Seattle is on pace to move up the ranks.
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10 Questions with… Cary Tamarkin

Architect and developer Cary Tamarkin is a man both out of step with time and totally in synch. He doesn’t own a smartphone, he believes “technology will ultimately be the ruination of our society,” and he plays bluegrass and other “old timey tunes” on banjo and mandolin. And yet, Tamarkin’s prescient real estate investments have led to a thriving—and lucrative—career.
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10 Questions with... Margaret Montgomery, NBBJ's Sustainability Leader

Margaret Montgomery, sustainability leader at architecture firm NBBJ, believes that daily access to nature is a basic human right. At the Seattle-based NBBJ, she’s working to strengthen our connection to the natural environment in a variety of contexts, among them the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s headquarters in Seattle.
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The Textile Artist Who Weaves Tapestries With Trichotillomania

Through repetitive, mindful weaving, Erin M. Riley keeps her impulse to pluck her hair out under control. At age 13, Erin M. Riley started plucking her hair as a way to relieve stress caused by her family’s substance abuse problems. Throughout her childhood on Cape Cod, her dad used drugs and her mom drank.

Sightless Seeing

This blind travel writer featured on This American Life says the world gets smaller for him when he travels, not bigger. On Ryan Knighton’s 18th birthday, his doctor told him he had retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a progressive genetic disease that leads to night blindness, tunnel vision, and eventually total blindness.

Deep Focus

Known for his massive, photorealistic portraits, American artist Chuck Close says he owes all of his artistic success to his limitations. If Chuck Close had his way, we’d all walk around with name tags and short bios pinned to our chests. While riding on the subway, he once failed to recognize an ex-lover whom he had lived with for a year only two years prior.

Ove Arup Retrospective at Victoria and Albert Museum Reveals the Engineer’s Genius

As the engineer behind the Sydney Opera House and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Ove Arup was a singular talent. But it was his collaborative, multidisciplinary approach that made the greatest impact on the built environment, and helped grow a uniquely innovative firm. Today, his eponymous company employs 12,000 planners, designers, engineers, and consultants, in 40 countries.
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Renoir’s Radiant Brush

The impressionist painter completed nearly 400 paintings after rheumatoid arthritis deformed his hands. In Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting, “The Bathers” (“Les Baigneuses”), two young women lounge in the foreground. They are round and relaxed, all rosy curves and pink flesh on a bed of grass and blossoms.

From Maggots to Stink Bombs: Mary Roach's Latest Adventure

Stink bombs, it turns out, are not merely weapons made for high school hallways. As science writer Mary Roach documents in her new book, Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War, the U.S. Department of Defense has invested considerable time and money into developing "the world's most objectionable smell."
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The Celiac Chef With Grease In Her Bones

Sick of pitiful gluten-free meals, Oakland chef Lizzy Boelter set out to prove that having celiac disease doesn’t need to end anyone’s love affair with delicious fried foods. The only building on a block that feels more like a small traffic island, Oakland’s Grease Box restaurant is both unassuming and unexpected.

Art Out of Artifacts

In their new exhibit, Richard Misrach and Guillermo Galindo explore immigration's human cost through personal belongings found along the US-Mexico border. In 2011, the photographer Richard Misrach saw experimental composer and performance artist Guillermo Galindo play a five-minute composition using instruments made from migrants' discarded belongings found near the US-Mexico border.
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10 Questions With... Pamela Babey

Pamela Babey is an expert collector and creator of memories. A founding principal of San Francisco interior design firm BAMO, Babey brings an expansive curiosity, a flair for pattern and color, and an eye for artisan crafts to luxury projects around the world. With a reverence for the past that matches her love of the modern, her work often combines the two in unexpected ways.
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