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Top 10 outdoor activities and events in San Francisco

Top 10 outdoor activities and events in San Francisco: Explore San Francisco's outdoor spaces, parks and beaches and you'll be in a world of walks, public art and … street slides
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The Washington Banana Museum

Ann Mitchell Lovell loves bananas a bunch. “I blame my parents,” she says. “Growing up they called me Anna Banana, and it put a seed in my head.”. Since then, the curator of the online Washington Banana Museum has gathered nearly 6,000 items related to the nation’s top-selling fruit, including a neon banana light, vintage Chiquita posters, and 1960s lapel buttons emblazoned with the words SMOKE MORE BANANAS.

The Slow Selfie

In a closet-sized darkroom in the back of Photobooth , a tintype portrait studio in San Francisco’s Mission District, Michael Shindler carefully holds a shiny 3-by-5–inch black aluminum plate on the fingertips of one hand. Glass bottles containing yellow- and amber-colored collodion — a mixture of liquid nitrocellulose, ether, and alcohol — are clustered on the countertop.
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Graffiti Hunters: Tracking the wily urban explorer

“Watch your step,” Nick Saraceni tells me right before he stops and looks at the bottom of his black Nikes. The 24-year-old graffiti hunter and I are standing along the side of a brick warehouse in an industrial part of Berkeley, California. Below our feet lies an uneven pile of plastic sheeting, loose wooden planks, and, as Saraceni has discovered, nails.
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Intimate Apparel

When my mom took me shopping for my first bra, I was terrified that a classmate might see me. I kept my head low as she guided me through the dense jungle of satin straps and cups, and I nearly died of humiliation when she asked where the training bras were located. Nearly 20 years later, in July 2006, Mom and I are again standing in front of a cashier island in the middle of the sea of lingerie at the San Jose Nordstrom.
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48 Hours in Oakland, CA

Affectionately referred to as “the Town” by residents, Oakland has a surprisingly communal vibe despite being home to some 400,000 people. Diversity is one of the port city’s strengths, as evidenced in its stellar international cuisine, eclectic local bands and vibrant arts scene.
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Alaska's Spencer Glacier

"The blue ice is like nothing you’ve ever seen before," says Connie Cooley, co-owner of Glacier City Snowmobile Tours, which leads trips from Girdwood, Alaska, 40 miles southeast of Anchorage, to the aquamarine ice caves, tunnels, and slides at Spencer Glacier. “We had one formation a few years ago shaped like a big wave.

Nashville's Next Note

For decades, busloads of guitar-toting dreamers have disembarked in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, makers of all stripes are migrating to the creative capital, reinventing everything from moonshine to blue jeans. Jack White, with his Third Man Records studio and shop (above), is just one new voice in a changing Music City.

Candid Camerawoman: Mira Nair

When captured beautifully, people are relatable— they are you and me. The more local and specific a story is, the more universal it becomes. Cinema taps into that human connection more powerfully and more entertainingly than any other medium. So see films from other countries, and don’t think of them as foreign.

Scandinavian Summer

When the days get long, Copenhagen’s cobblestone streets blossom with bicycles, café tables, and jazz bands. Check out the lively music scene during the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival. In between gigs, explore this compact capital on foot or bike, taking in the local shops and cultivating a deci...

Texas Hoedown

Known as the “live music capital of the world,” Austin earns its title every spring during the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. At this year’s event, March 13 to 18 (with interactive and film segments starting on March 9), see a wide variety of performers—from unsigned soul singers to legendary bluegrass bands—play outdoor BBQ joints, small bars, and downtown street corners.


He's a bastard, and he would say the same thing about me," laughs public radio's Ira Glass of comix novelist Chris Ware. "By working with Chris, I understood a lot better what it's like to work with me, and it's not pretty."
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