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The Slow Selfie

In a closet-sized darkroom in the back of Photobooth , a tintype portrait studio in San Francisco’s Mission District, Michael Shindler carefully holds a shiny 3-by-5–inch black aluminum plate on the fingertips of one hand. Glass bottles containing yellow- and amber-colored collodion — a mixture of liquid nitrocellulose, ether, and alcohol — are clustered on the countertop.
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Graffiti Hunters: Tracking the wily urban explorer

“Watch your step,” Nick Saraceni tells me right before he stops and looks at the bottom of his black Nikes. The 24-year-old graffiti hunter and I are standing along the side of a brick warehouse in an industrial part of Berkeley, California. Below our feet lies an uneven pile of plastic sheeting, loose wooden planks, and, as Saraceni has discovered, nails.
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Listen Carefully

Located in a squat wood-paneled building, streaked white and gray with age, Audium stands in sharp contrast to its showy Victorian neighbors and the fortresslike church that anchors this San Francisco block. No neon sign lights up the entrance. No windows offer a peek inside. Only the soft glow of a single bulb shines on the steps between the gate and the door.
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Scents and Sensibility

Hall Newbegin, the founder of the natural fragrance company Juniper Ridge, is in the middle of leading a 15-person group of employees and guests on a wild harvesting hike through the Sierra Madre Mountains just north of Ojai when he stops to pick up a piece of dry cougar scat. He lifts it to his nose and inhales deeply.
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Intimate Apparel

When my mom took me shopping for my first bra, I was terrified that a classmate might see me. I kept my head low as she guided me through the dense jungle of satin straps and cups, and I nearly died of humiliation when she asked where the training bras were located. Nearly 20 years later, in July 2006, Mom and I are again standing in front of a cashier island in the middle of the sea of lingerie at the San Jose Nordstrom.
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Vacation: A Chance to Fall in Love and a Chance to Let Go

I am not what you would call a risk taker. I cringe when I see someone bicycling without a helmet. I wait an hour before swimming after I eat. I've visited ski resorts in Colorado, Germany, and Switzerland, but I've never hit the slopes. I prefer to trudge safely along flat surfaces in snowshoes instead.
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The Graffiti Hunters

On a warm spring day, I followed local graffiti photographer and urban explorer Michael (whom the Express agreed to not fully identify) across a green stretch of park lawn. We passed kids playing in the grass and a couple lounging on beach blankets, their heads almost touching as they talked. The weather was perfect for lazily soaking up the sun, but Michael's walk was straight and determined, and I had to jog every few steps to keep up with my six-foot-four guide.
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Memo From San Francisco

Fueled by the second tech boom, San Francisco’s skyline is currently undergoing rapid change. More than 20 construction cranes crowd the downtown horizon, and more are on their way. With the transformation of the Mid-Market area, anchored by Twitter’s new headquarters in the old Furniture Mart, a stroll through the city today can feel like a never-ending construction zone.
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5 Questions With… Fenwick Bonnell of Powell & Bonnell

Over the last 25 years, Toronto-based designers David Powell and Fenwick Bonnell, the founding principals of Powell & Bonnell, have earned a reputation for getting into the minds of their clients. The team eschews trends and flash and instead designs residences that are uniquely tailored to specific personalities and spaces.
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5 Questions With... Naoto Fukasawa

Simple, streamlined, and “just enough”—the economical aesthetics of Japanese retailer Muji and influential product designer Naoto Fukasawa pair perfectly. Since 2002, Fukasawa has been a product designer and advisory board member at Muji (the company's name is short for Mujirushi Ryohin, or “no-brand, quality goods”).
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11,166 Attend Opening of @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz

Once home to such notorious inmates as Al Capone and George "Machine Gun" Kelly, San Francisco Bay’s Alcatraz Island welcomed 11,166 visitors for the opening of "@Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz." The Beijing-based artist and political activist created seven new site-specific pieces to be shown in the former federal penitentiary through April 26, 2015.
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Top 10 outdoor activities and events in San Francisco

Top 10 outdoor activities and events in San Francisco: Explore San Francisco's outdoor spaces, parks and beaches and you'll be in a world of walks, public art and … street slides
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